CaptureTech Delivers "Powered by Impinj" RFID Solutions in Europe

Aug 21, 2007

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - August 21, 2007) - Leading UHF Gen 2 radio frequencyidentification (RFID) tag chip and reader supplier Impinj, Inc. todayannounced that automatic identification specialist CaptureTech issuccessfully deploying the company's products in custom RFID solutions inEurope.

CaptureTech's 'Powered by Impinj' solutions address the growing demand fromEuropean manufacturing, retail and distribution companies for proven RFIDsystems that significantly improve logistics and asset tracking operations.CaptureTech's solutions integrate Impinj's UHF Gen 2 Speedway® readersand Monza™ tag chips with third-party data management software.

The following deployments describe how some companies leverageCaptureTech's 'Powered by Impinj' solutions:

  • Boekhandels Groep Nederland (BGN), the Netherlands’ largest bookseller with 42 stores, speeds inventory tasks with a CaptureTech item-level RFID solution using Impinj Monza-powered tags and Impinj Speedway readers. BGN tags every book in their central warehouse then tracks the books to stores. The in-store RFID system captures and manages inventory data such as book location and out of stock conditions. Results of ROI analysis at one RFID-enabled “smart store” show a greater than 12 percent increase in sales as well as a decrease in inventory costs and inventory labor hours.
  • Rolec, one of Holland's leading distributors of primary school educational materials, improves asset and order accuracy with a CaptureTech RFID solution utilizing Impinj Speedway readers to track plastic-wrapped pallets of goods at busy distribution centers. The solution ensures that 100% of school shipments match product orders.

"The European supply chain is rapidly becoming RFID-enabled," said LouisBianchin, senior RFID analyst and program manager for VDC. "Thecollaboration between Impinj and CaptureTech, which marries leading RFIDtechnology with extensive deployment expertise and deep knowledge of localrequirements, is key to successful and widespread RFID adoption in theregion."

About CaptureTech

CaptureTech is an international, independent specialist in the field ofAutomatic Identification. CaptureTech designs, builds, implements andmaintains complete solutions for logistics applications, using the mostadvanced techniques in the area of bar coding, RF, RFID, Visidot and VoiceRecognition. For more information:

About Impinj, Inc.

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